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MAU presents its new visual identity

MAA logoThe new visual identity of the Museum of African Art (MAU) is based on a simple and recognisable, reduced geometric form and pattern that is widely present in the arts of African countries, but can also be seen in the design of the first museum permanent exhibition. It is the zigzag line motif that symbolises rhythm, movement and the flow of life. At the same time, as a continuous restless pulsation, the minimalist, yet modern and dynamic zigzag line connects the past and the future and invites active participation.

By reflecting the museum's mission and continuing practises already established, the new identity is at once an invitation to play, to participate, and to stimulate dialogue through the interweaving of ideas, experiences, and knowledge. The typography of the Museum of African Art's acronym takes its cue from this motif, as does the new, distinguishable, easy-to-use, and memorable sign, composed of three letters: MAU, a name familiar to the general public and already widely accepted.

Corresponding the initial permanent display’s design and without disturbing its central spatial forms, as well as its mobile units that date back to the very foundation of the museum, the new visual identity paves the way for growth, encourages movement towards new graphic and contemporary spatial solutions, as well as their application in the years to come, which will involve the complete reconstruction and reconceptualization of the MAU.

MAU’s new visual identity was conceived by 3 Oranges Design in coordination with the reconstruction project of the architectural office N-Martin, while the development and implementation of the various elements was carried out by the graphic office Braća Burazeri.

MAU's new visual identity: logo, colors, possible ways of application


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