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Summer Programs at the MAA in the light of African Hairstyles

Every Sunday in July and August, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

“When You‘ve Stopped Combing Me,
I’ll Stop Hating You“
(for adults)


“Message in the hair – African hairstyles
and headdresses”
(for children age 4 to 12)

Every Sunday in July and August, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., curator Ivana Vojt / Dragan Mišković, will guide Museum visitors through the latest exhibition „When You‘ve Stopped Combing Me, I’ll Stop Hating You - Photo exhibition by Katarina Radović“. In the series of photographs “When You‘ve Stopped Combing Me, I’ll Stop Hating You“, the author shows women and girls in moments of perseverance and endurance during the painful and unpleasant processes of making a hairstyle, which would be a response to the ideals of beauty construed in their environment. The clients never abandon their intention to walk out of the salon looking prettier than when they came in, and they patiently endure the hours of sitting, pulling, even sewing and torching the locks of their hair. Young women, future brides, mothers with babies and older women are subject to this treatment, proving that beauty saves no one. By entering Radović’s photographs, transposed in an animated, intimate and compassionate way, the viewer steps into everyday life and women’s spaces, which are linked to the need to be beautified even in modest social conditions.

Also on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Museum, a special program is organized for children: creative workshops “Message in the hair – African hairstyles and headdresses”. At the creative workshops kids will learn about the variety and the meanings of different hairstyles and headdresses in traditional African cultures. By drawing colorful traditional designs and by using materials like paper, cardboard, threads etc., children will create: models of the Masaai and Hehe (Kenya and Tanzania) warriors’ headdresses that used to be made of feathers, the shape of a very important lock of hair – which only a royal messenger of the Yoruba (Nigeria) king was allowed to wear, models of elegant red hats from the ladies ‘fashion’ of the Zulu people (South Africa), tassels inspired by hairstyles of women from the Himba people (Namibia and Angola), and of course –braids made of colorful threads, which are worn not only throughout the African continent but also worldwide! At the end of each creative workshop, children will ‘walk’ their creations on an improvised ‘fashion runway’. The creative workshops for children will be guided curator Marija Ličina / sculptor Milica Josimov, with the help of Ana Knežević, museum assistant.

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