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Museum Night at MAA -
19 May 2018, 17:00-01:00

Museum Night 2018During the Museum Night, visitors will be able to see the permanent exhibition of the Museum of the Art of Western Africa from the Pečar Collection, a thematic exhibition "Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda: 1937-1939. Photographs of Koloman Trčka" and an open-air exhibition "Lalibela - a trip to Jerusalem of Africa".

Special program:

 "Fantastic  Forms of African Masks" - an educational and creative workshop for children between the age of 4 and 12 years, from 17PM to 21PM - is designed to introduce the youngest visitors of the Museum and future lovers of African art into the basic stylistic features of some of the finest examples of West African masks and sculptures which  are exhibited at the permanent exhibition of the Museum. During this workshop, the participants will hear legends and stories about animals related  to the masks Kanaga (Dogon people), the Civara (Bambara people) and the Kplepleple (Baule people), after which each will make a unique copy of their mask and take it as a memory of Museum of African Art and Museum Night.

Educational-creative workshops for children will be held from 17 to 21 PM, in three groups: from 17, from 18:30 and from 20:00.

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