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ms_9Lecture and Art Workshop with Mohamad Soudy (Egypt)

Tuesday, 21 August 2018, from 12 noon to 17:30 pm, at the MAA

Program realization and coordination: Milica Josimov, MAA Conservator / Sculptor & Emilia Epštajn, MAA Curator

Faience us a type of tin-glazed pottery traditionally found across the Mediterranean, near East and in Egypt. It was a very popular and much loved technique of working pottery among the Ancient Egyptians who called it thenet – which is derived from the words for dazzling or shinning. The Museum of African Art in Belgrade has the pleasure to host Mohamad Soudi, ceramist from Egypt, who will offer a lecture on the traditional techniques of creating Egyptian thenet, as well as an opportunity for visitors to take part a ceramics and glazing workshop.

The lecture and workshop are intended for adults with an interest in Egyptian art and culture, as well as young professionals in the field of ceramics who are interested in learning the traditional Egyptian technique of making and glazing pottery.

Mohamad Soudy obtained his BA in Ceramics from Helwan University, Egypt. He has exhibited in numerous salons and exhibitions across Europe, and has comprehensive knowledge of ceramic materials, the manufacturing process, and the production of ceramics for commercial and medical purposes. Since 2005 through his privately owned atelier he has been working on the promotion, exhibiting and education in the field of ceramics and contemporary engineering technologies.



Mohamad Soudi
Mohamad Soudy



12 noon


13:30 – 17:30
Art Workshop



Entrance is free.

The programme is in English.

The program is realized in cooperation with the Embassy of the Republic of Egypt in Serbia.

 Ambasada Republike Egipat u Srbiji






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