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The MAA at the Solidarity Spores exhibition in South Korea!

Solidarity SporesExhibition Solidarity Spores
Asia Cultural Centre

Directed by Sungwon Kim
Curated by Bojana Piškur, Vali Mahlouji / Archaeology of the Final Decade, Seonghee Kim, Sulki and Min / Tetsuya Goto, Dongjin Seo, Sungwon Kim

Excerpt from the official Asia Cultural Centre site:

The Asia Culture Center (ACC) has been presenting a new vision for the future by examining Asia’s histories and cultures through artistic practices within the global context. With growing interest in ASEAN countries and their expanding role in the global arena alongside Korea, China and Japan, new definitions of community and new hopes of solidarity are possible for Asia in the 21st century. In this context, the Asia Culture Center presents a special international exhibition Solidarity Spores, which explores dynamic traces left by artistic practices by touching on the themes of the “Non-Aligned Movement,” “community” and “solidarity.” The exhibition sheds new light on the history of the Non-Aligned Movement and the accompanying cultural and artistic practices; in doing so, it asks how the spirit of solidarity can liberate us from division and conflict resulting from neoliberal globalization. Through visual manifestations of historical time and space that younger generations have not experienced before, artistic practices featured in the exhibition instill hopes and possibilities for a new world order, equality and communal history.

Solidarity Spores does not speak on behalf of a particular historical or political stance. The relationship between the Non-Aligned Movement and artistic practices has spurred the growth of cultural output without attaching political strings. Through the exhibition, we seek to identify how this relationship led to cultural solidarity, adaptations in artistic practices, and changes in our perceptions. Used as a metaphorical reference to resistance and solidarity, the titular word “spore” is an acknowledgement to the No Containment. MSSA, the museum as spore (No-contención. MSSA, el museo como espora), a project featured at the Chilean Museum of Solidarity Salvador Allende (MSSA, Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende). The MSSA opened its doors for the citizens of Chile in the early 1970s with donations of works from artists around the world. Since then, it has embodied the spirit of solidarity as a “spore” that revitalizes and spreads the movement through cultural expressions that transcend time and space. The exhibition Solidarity Spores seeks to expand the concept of solidarity to include flexible and sustainable artistic practices of today.

As part of the Solidarity Spores, the exhibition by Bojana Piškur (MG+MSUM) Southern Constellations: The Poetics of the Non-Aligned is presented, which includes the work by independent curator Ana Sladojević and MAA curator Emilia Epštajn Museum Values Reconsidered. The Museum of African Art – The Veda and Dr. Zdravko Pеčаr Collection.

DOWNLOAD: Exhibition Brochure (.pdf)

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