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ArtFRIKA – The MAA's Creative Competition for Children and Youth

ArtFRIKAWe invite all primary and secondary school children to join us this summer by participating in the Museum of African Art's creative competition – ArtFRIKA.

At a time when we are facing a serious epidemiological situation in the country, a large number of children and teenagers are not able to move freely, be carefree, learn and create, while parents and guardians need more than a little inspiration to animate them in an interesting and safe way.

Make these summer days fun: look back at some of your memories, open old boxes where memories are kept and take a photo, drawing or write a poem/song about one of them. Take a walk through the Museum of African Art or listen to stories about our objects through our audio guide and let us learn about your experience of Africa. Think about it, you may have recently heard or seen some pictures, stories, news related to Africa. If so, we invite you to take part in the MAA's creative competition; because a selection of works will be presented in a virtual exhibition and we have also prepared special prizes for selected works in each category (younger elementary school classes/older elementary school classes/high school students).

We invite children and teenagers to submit one artwork in the form of drawing, letter, song/poem, story, comic, photograph, meme, video clip or any other free form, opting for one of the two topics: MUSEUM or AFRICA.

We will be accepting your applications/artworks from 1-30 August 2020 (midnight).




- MUSEUMS – Museums preserve, research and present their heritage to a wider audience, numerous valuable objects that they have inherited from the past. Working in a museum means dealing with memories and recollections, so on this occasion we invite you to imagine your personal museum: think about a special object or memory and create a drawing, letter, song/poem, comic, photograph, mime, video clip or other free form. Our museum safeguards various masks, sculptures, fabrics, musical instruments, clothes, jewellery, paintings, photographs, etc. which are telling of trips to Africa, of gifts and friendship with the peoples of Africa, distant cultures and the arts of the African continent. So, by opting for the theme MUSEUM, we invite you to present your personal heritage – a souvenir, object or simply a memory of a special journey (not necessarily African) or friendship.

- AFRICA – Africa is a huge continent with over 50 countries and numerous peoples living there. Thanks to our museum – the MAA – you can find out a lot of interesting information about this continent, but Africa is also a topic in your school curriculum, on television, it is present in novels, films and cartoons, commercials, etc. By choosing the topic AFRICA, we invite you to present your vision of Africa, either by visiting the MAA (we are open for individual visits every day from 10 am to 6 pm) by listening to our audio guide, or thinking about Africa that you have experienced in some other way. How would you draw an African scene? What would you write in a letter to an imaginary African friend? Is it possible to photograph something reminiscent of Africa at home or in your surroundings? What would your African mask or sculpture look like, which you could can photograph or film for us? Do you know a famous African cartoon character or TV movie hero?



How to take part?

You can create a drawing, song/poem, short comic book, letter or other free form. Send it to our postal address: The Museum of African Art, Andre Nikolića 14, 11000 Belgrade, marked: For „ArtFRIKA” or, if it is a photograph, meme, video-clip, or any other digital artwork, send it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., subject: For ArtFRIKA.

*Remark: please send all files that are larger than 5 MB to our address via the free WeTransfer online platform.

Please sign your artworks as follows:

- Title
- Theme: MUSEUM or AFRICA (choose one)
- Name and Surname
- School, grade, city
- Contact mobile phone

Remark: If you are sending you artwork via the WeTransfer platforme, you are kindly asked to state the link for file retrieval.

Technique Recommendations:

- drawing (pencil, feltips, crayons or colouring pencils)
- photograph (mobile phone camera, tablet, digital camera; file formats: JPG; max. file size: 5 MB)
- letter (handwritten or on computer)
- song/poem or story (handwritten or on computer)
- video-clip (duration 1–3 minutes max, by mobile phone or camera; file format: AVI/MP4)
- meme (computer; file format: JPG/PNG/GIF; max. file size: 5 MB)
- free form (anything that you can send via post or email that is within the propositions)
- whatever you choose – Do It Yourself!

Theme Recommendations:

- personal memories, or memories worth preserving
- your personal museum
- memory of a special joruney or friendship
- heritage worth preserving
- Africa through MAA objects (visit the museum or listen to our audio-guide)
- Africa in cartoons, TV and movies
- a letter to an imaginary African friend
- song/poem or story about Africa
- a seen or imagined African scene
- a photo reminiscent of Africa
- whatever you choose – Do It Yourself!

We look forward to receiving your works from August 1st to 30th 2020.

Chosen works will be exhibited in a virtual exhibition ArtFRIKA 2020 and the best will receive special awards.


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