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Wednesday, 28th April, 11am-1pm

As a part of TrAIN Open Live Event series, this time co-hosted by the Museum of African Art, Ana Sladojević will talk about:



The historical Non-alignment regained visibility through a number of art and theory projects, particularly within the last decade. The Museum of African Art – the Veda and Dr. Zdravko Pečar Collection, and the Museum of Yugoslavia, both in Belgrade, played central role in some of them, either with their collections, or their symbolic significance as places of remembrance of the ideas of anticolonialism and solidarity. Recent, more resolute calls for decolonization of heritage worldwide provide yet another opportunity for re-thinking and re-actualization of these values within these museums. However, they also ask for a more thorough institutional self-reflection and an honest critical approach to both past and current practice in these museums, along with the introduction of new methodologies and networks.

ANA SLADOJEVIĆ is an independent curator and art and media theorist. She studied museums as complex objects, whose previous discourses, often inscribed within different unrecognized or “invisible” elements, such as “surplus” of museum production in form of archives, documentation, or study materials, bear influence on how a meaning is formed. She researched these questions particularly within the context of the Museum of African Art – the Veda and Dr. Zdravko Pečar collection, and the Museum of Yugoslavia, with emphasis on certain aspects of these institutions that are related to historical non-alignment. She took part in the following projects: “Southern Constellations: The Poetics of the Non-Aligned”, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova/Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana (2019) / Asia Culture Center, Gwangju (2020); “Tito in Africa: Picturing Solidarity”, Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade (2017) / Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford (2018) / Wende Museum, Los Angeles (2019); “NYIMPA KOR NDZIDZI, One Man No Chop, (Re)conceptualisation of the Museum of African Art – the Veda and dr Zdravko Pečar Collection”, MAA, Belgrade (2017-2018); “Non-Aligned Modernisms”, Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade / ERSTE Stiftung (2011-2016)

The lecture is free and open to all, but reservations are required. Please book your place via this link. 

Photos: Views of the exhibition “NYIMPA KOR NDZIDZI, One Man No Chop,
(Re)conceptualisation of the Museum of African Art – the Veda and dr Zdravko Pečar Collection“ (2017).
Curators: Ana Sladojević and Emilia Epštajn.
Exhibition design: Ivana Bunuševac. Photo by Vladimir Popović.

The TrAIN Research Centre with the support from the British Society of Aesthetics (BSA) and the Association of Art Historians (AAH) has established the Postsocialism and Arts platform through the project Decolonising the Arts. The project consists of a series of masterclasses by renown scholars in the field have been set as our the priogrammes academic framework and includes Madina Tlostanova, Boris Buden, Maja and Ruben Fawkes, and Ana Sladojevic. The project aims to bring together a community of scholars and practitioners through symposia, workshops and reading groups stemming out of masterclasses. It reflects on the current state of East European postsocialist heritage and its presence at the University of the Arts London, as well as its relation to currently potent decolonial discourse.


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