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The Museum of African Art: Contexts and Representations

Author: Ana Sladojević, PhD

The Museum of African Art's FIRST E-Publication

"The Museum of African Art: Contexts and Representations" by art theoretician Ana Sladojević, PhD, is a new book which will be available and free to download on the Museum’s official web-site on May 5th, 2014.

The book is an edited version based on the doctoral dissertation defended at the Group for Theory, Arts and Media, part of the Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Arts in Belgrade, under the mentorship of Professor Nevena Daković, PhD.

Apart from being the first doctoral dissertation that deals with the Museum of African Art: the Veda and dr Zdravko Pečar Collection, in the wider context of African arts representations, this book is at the same time the first exclusively electronic publication of the Museum, available to all on the museum’s web page.

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Egypt Remembered by Serbia

Authors: Uroš Matić, Milica Naumov, Aleksandra Momčilović-Jovanović, Narcisa Knežević-Šijan and Aleksandar Maričić

Publication editor: Emilia Epštajn

Project realization: Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Egypt, the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Cairo and the Museum of African Art in Belgrade

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The Music of West Africa: four instruments from the Museum of African Art Collection

Author: Srđan Tunić

This book is based on the curatorial thesis "The Music of Africa: a perspective in the interpretation of traditional African musical instruments and their contemporary meaning based on the collection of the Museum of African Art in Belgrade".

The theme of this thesis - as curatorial topic, research and potential exhibition - bearing the title "The Music of West Africa: four instruments from the Museum of African Art Collection" shows that the author, art historian Srđan Tunić chose the complex, and at the same time important and prolific music creativity of the African continent south of the Sahara as his focus.

Because of the multi-layered content and significance of music and musical instruments, the research can take different paths reflecting on different themes, functions, forms, materials and techniques of make, or, as is here the case, a holistic approach which encompasses all of its most important aspect in a innovative whole.

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