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“The Museum of African Art will develop and revolutionize the cultural awareness of our people, bringing them closer to a more global understanding of history and culture, man and society. In the wider range of institutions dedicated to different fields of work and periods, from archaeological or medieval, to contemporary art collections – this Museum, as a collection and a sum of activities – frees us from our inherited eurocentric and ethnocentric beliefs, cultural prejudice and narrow-mindedness, inspiring a deeper and wider outlook on culture, history and man.”

From the speech of the President of the Belgrade Municipal Assembly (city mayor) Živorad Kovačević, delivered at the opening ceremony in the Museum of African Art, May 23rd 1977.

The Museum of African Art Mission Statement:

  • The MAA collects, preserves and exhibits artefacts of African arts and cultures.
  • The MAA popularizes and disseminates knowledge on the traditional and contemporary arts and cultures of Africa and the African diaspora.
  • The MAA fosters the appreciation and understanding of the arts, history and heritage of Africa, and encourages respect for Africa, its peoples and its impact on world culture and art.
  • The MAA builds awareness on cultural diversity and creates opportunities for multicultural dialogue.

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