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Audio guide through the MAA permanent display

Audio guide through the MAA permanent displayWelcome dear visitors and thank you for choosing to tour the permanent exhibition of the Museum of African Art with our audio guides.

The audio guide allows you to explore representative examples of African art, highlighting different motifs from the traditional life of the people of West Africa.

You can use the audio guide inside the Museum, listen to it at home directly online at site or by simply installing the izi.TRAVEL app on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

The audio guide is available in 4 languages: Serbian, English, French and Italian!




Virtual Tour


MAU DIGITAL IMPRINTThe project of digitally recording the permanent display and whole Museum of African Art (MAU) building was conducted in several stages over the course of 2015, 2021 and 2022, with the aim of creating a so-called digital imprint as form of cultural heritage preservation. In light of the announced reconstruction of the Museum, by mapping all relevant data, we wanted to create lasting documentation of the initial architecture, as well as the concept of the first permanent display of the MAU. Recording the space and exhibition setting of the Museum using the most current technology and translating the data into a digital impression will make them permanently accessible to all future researchers and other interested parties, even when they cease to exist in their current state.

We invite you to actively explore our new online presentation Enjoy panoramic virtual walks through the museum, encounter the permanent display, museum garden or murals painted onto the façade, and investigate the many contents regarding exhibited pieces and collecting trajectories. Go back to 1977 and read about some of the impressions at the time of the opening of this lasting symbol of Non-Aligned times – a museum created on the grounds of friendship and sincere support of the peoples of Africa, and admiration for the power of their artistic expression.



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Virtual Tour

Digitalni otisak MAU


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Audio Guide

Audio Guide