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Special Programs

Sunday at the MAA

The “Sunday at the MAA” programme is organised every Sunday from 11 am to 1 pm for individual and family visits, and consists of two parallel programs: GUIDED TOUR (for adults) and WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN (for 4-12 year olds). No booking required.

Entrance fee (all visitors): 200 RSD

The GUIDED TOURS (for adults) on Sundays at 11 are linked to the current thematic exhibition. *The Guided Tours on Sundays at 11 are in Serbian, while the exhibition display is in both English and Serbian, and curators are available to give more information about the exhibition in English too to all English-speaking visitors of this programme.

The WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN on Sundays at 11 are Serbian, but to English-speaking children who would like to participate in this programme the curators will be glad to give in English too the necessary instructions for activities during the workshop and explanations of the theme.


Current exhibition guided tour

“Hunting culture – the donso in Bamana tradition”

every Sunday in March 2020, at 11 a.m.

Hunter's CapThe exhibition “Hunting culture – the donso in Bamana tradition” presents the ethics, beliefs and special status of the hunter in society based on the choice of objects collected by Dr. Zdravko Pečar and Veda Zagorac in Mali and other West African Countries in the 1960s and 1970s. Zdravko Pečar’s hunting collection is a separate unit within the collections of the Museum of African Art in Belgrade.

Donso is a traditional term for hunter in Bamana culture, a concept implying a particular individual’s great knowledge of the natural habitat, its flora and fauna, as well as his exceptional endurance, courage and skill in hunting. Pečar himself earned the donso title during his stay in Mali, after several years of learning from Bamana hunters and many hunting experiences they had together. A special part of the exhibition is a short video documenting the celebration of Pečar’s initiation to the donso brotherhood.

The exhibition “Hunting culture – the donso in Bamana tradition” from the Museum of African Art’s collections showcases examples of bogolan fabrics with painted geometric motifs which are a potent symbol of Bamana and Malian cultural identity (and even more widely – as an all-African symbol). Also, a musical instrument – the kora is displayed. It was the accompaniment of musicians and storytellers, the griots, who versified hunting feats. There are also examples of hunting clothing, such as traditional shirts, trousers and caps, with different amulets that were believed to protect the hunter from the dangers of the wild. As part of the hunting accoutrement, the exhibition features various types of weapons: flint rifles, often decorated with coins, shells and other accessories, including spears, arrows, daggers, etc. A special section of the exhibition is dedicated to Zdravko Pečar’s hunting trophies of the bibal, kob and other antelopes, the savannah buffalo, wild boar, pangolin and lion, as well as documentary photographs proving Pečar’s donso status, proclaimed by the Bamana hunters of Mali.


Creative workshop for children

“Pictoresque Stories From The World Of Animals: Shark, Tiger, Little Elephant And Other Heroes”

on Sundays, 1st and 8th March 2020, at 11 a.m.

We have selected a new theme for our upcoming creative workshops for children, part of the “Sunday at the MAA” programme – a series of incredible stories, with a thunderous sheep, ungrateful crocodile, stubborn little elephant, cunning shark and other, very interesting animals. After storytelling, children will choose their favourite characters and create an image as drawing or collage, combining colours and shapes, pieces of paper, cardboard and other materials. Finally, children will have an opportunity to “give a voice” to their favourite characters, by stepping onto a mini-stage where they will show and tell – what these stories are all about. Don’t miss to meet the capricious, friendly and other animals that appear in the exciting stories from Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries, and the world...

The creative workshops for children that are organized on Sundays at 11 a.m., take place in the ‘mini-studio’ on the first floor of the Museum, while, at the same time, for youth and adult visitors, there will be a guided tour through the current exhibition “Hunting culture – the donso in Bamana tradition” in the Museum gallery on the ground floor.


*Entrance fee for “Sunday at the MAA” (11-13h): 200 dinars (all ages)

** The program is in Serbian, however, English-speaking children who would like to take part are warmly invited to join us as curators will be glad to offer them instructions in English.

*** The workshop for children does not require booking.

*** Parents and guardians are kindly asked to bring children on time so that children are able to fully participate in the structured and prepared programme, and take full advantage of the creative time spent in the museum.

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