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REFLECTExhibition opening: 5 November 2020

The group exhibition of contemporary Namibian art is a celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the independence of one of the last colonies on the African continent.

The exhibition is the result of collaborative work with the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) and the works that you will be able to see were chosen at the beginning of February of 2020 by the joint forces of our museum and NAGN in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition Reflect is opened somewhat later than the memorable date – 21 March 1990 – when the independence of the former South West Africa, today the Republic of Namibia, was declared.


And Now for Something Completely Different – REFLECT – NAMIBIA AFTER 30 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE Opening Event

We are proud to invite you to our new exhibition REFLECT – NAMIBIA AFTER 30 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE and special event, which will take place on the opening day, Thursday, 5 November 2020, from 17h to 19h

If you are interested in taking part, please sign-up by writing to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your name/surname and one of 5 scheduled timeslots: 17h, 17.30h, 18h, 18.30h or 19h.

Visitors will be offered a short introduction to the exhibition and receive a gift-postcard from the National Art Gallery of Namibia as takeaway, pocket-art souvenir.

Admission is free. Masks are mandatory.


Art Reflections of History deal with German colonialism of the beginning of the twentieth century, the cruel South African regime and the apartheid politics that followed. Remembrance culture is carefully safeguarded through Artistic Reflections of Memory: the trauma induced by horrific wars, collective and individual struggles for independence and equality, personal memories and stories on life in Namibia. Contemporary Reflexes have also been included, in the tone of criticism that focuses on difficult existential circumstances, harsh class differences, the fragility of Namibia’s present economy and the place of the artist and people within them. Finally, Artistic Reflexes for the Future pose questions about the fate of rare animal species, global warming, corruption scandals, a dysfunctional society, and all this with an awareness of the discomforts of the Namibian present. In other words, we present within the framework of this exhibition art reflectors that cast a unique light on the past, present and future of Namibia.

The exhibition presents the work of: Urte Remmert, Vitjitua Ndjiharine, Leonard Michaеl Abrahams, Alfeus Mvula, Paul Kiddo, Fillipus Sheehama, Erik Schnack, Barbara Pirron, Elia Shiwoohambа, Frans Nambinga, Tity Kala Tshilumba, Kabelo Kim Modise, Sebastian Namaseb, Engelhard Rooinasie, Michelle Isaak, Ismael Shivute, David Amukoto, Nangombe Kapandа, Rudolf Seibeb, Barbara Böhlke, Trianus L. K. Nakale, the association Whuda Marble Art Namibia and the joint work of Tabea Ruben and Aina Katore from the !Ikhoba Textile Project collection.

Curators: Ana Knežević, Desiree Dibasen !Nanuses and Ndeenda Shivute

Graphic design and visual identity: Nikola Radojčić, Isidora Tomić - Braća Burazeri

The exhibition will be open until March 2021.




Exhibition and catalogue supported by:


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