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Coloured world


The aim of the "Coloured World" project which was initiated by visual artist and freelance curator Michael Milunović, is to organise and present the work of African artists at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade. Exhibitions and performances are complemented with, discussions and debates involving the visiting artists, as well as both visiting and local art critics, museum curators and gallery owners. The most dynamic participants in the events are by far, students and young artists who participate in the creative process and through their own unique contributions, are a constituent part of the whole concept. The project also aims to provide a new angle at perceiving contemporary art from the African continent and African Diaspora.

The first guest artist who opened the “Colored World” cycle in 2006, was Barthelemy Toguo (Cameroon/France). He presented his work through the photo exhibition “Transit(s)” and installation “Homage to Dr Zdravko Pechar”. The second Museum resident, was Caribbean artist Lennon Jno-Baptiste who lives and works in New York. He presented his work in Belgrade through the exhibition "Mudshots" (2007).




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