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Every Sunday in March:
from 11am to 1pm at the Museum of African Art


Guided Tour through the “Kotoko Equestrians, Guardians of the Soul“
Exhibition & Creative Workshop for Kids

March 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th

Due to enormous visitors’ interest in the “Holiday program for all ages”, a series of guided tours for gownups and creative workshops for kids will be continued: every Sunday from 11am to 1pm at the Museum of African Art.

More than three hundred objects displayed at the “Kotoko Equestrians, Guardians of the Soul” exhibition will provide a rich inspiration for the kids to shape their own art works – horseman statuettes in clay – at the workshop guided by Milica Josimov. At the same time, the MAA curator Dragan Mišković will present the Lake Chad region through the facts and myths about the legendary Sao culture and the traditions and art of the Kotoko people.

The exhibition „Kotoko Equestrians, Guardians of the Soul“showcases talismans of the Kotoko people, casted in bronze in the shape of miniature equestrian figures, which are only few centimeters large. These talismans, known as the “Kotoko equestrians” were worn as pendants on necklacess and bracelets and they had an important function of protecting a man’s soul from the erratic spirits, who were belived to be the cause of almost all difficult situations in life.

The promotional price is 100 dinars per person (all ages)


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