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Throughout July and August at the Museum


Creative workshops for children and guided tours for adults through the “Traditional African Murals” exhibition
• promotional entrance fees • doubled schedule •

Throughout July and August,
every Wednesday and Sunday, from 11h to 13h.
Entrance fee: 100 dinars

What do you think, what did a traditional family home in Africa look like?
The walls of the house were decorated in murals.

Would you like to learn the language of walls and the way they communicated stories in Africa?
Each line, every shape, all the colours have a meaning.

Did you know that the rain washed the painted murals off the walls and that they were renewed each year?
Not a single mural is ever the same!

The African Murals: Playful Walls workshops accompany the ongoing exhibition at the Museum Traditional African Murals, which shows the practice of painting houses that can be found across Africa. The programs of workshops and exhibition-tours will present the way in which colours, drawings, reliefs and mosaics decorated the homes of the Igbo people (Nigeria), the Gurunsi (Burkina Faso and Ghana), Basotho and Ndbele (South Africa) peoples.

Each Wednesday and Sunday during July and August, the Museum will organise creative workshops “African Murals: playful walls” for children, and at the same time curators will guide adult visitors through the current exhibition “Traditional African Murals” and introduce the culture of different African peoples and regions in which murals are painted and there will also be mention of the art techniques and meanings of mural motifs.

Promotional entrance fees for the summer schedule of creative workshops for kids and exhibition tours for adult visitors is 100 dinars.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

Welcome to the Museum of African Art in Belgrade in the Summer 2015 season!

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