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The Museum of African Art is introducing a special program for the elderly

The Museum of African Art in collaboration with the Faculty for Culture and Media and the Gerontological Society of Serbia has developed the socially engaged project: “MAA for all, all to the MAA: special program for the elderly” in order to support the integration and active participation of the older generations in cultural programs. The project is supported by the Balkan Museum Network, Cultural Heritage without Borders and the Government of Sweden.

The programs of the Museum are intended for different age and other status groups. In order to make the contents of the Museum accessible to our elderly citizens and so as to aid their movement through the exhibition space, the MAA is in the process of implementing special handrails and wheelchair ramps. In the coming period, curators of the Museum and student-volunteers will visit homes for the elderly held by the Gerontological Center in Belgrade, where they will present the programs of the Museum and hold special clay sculpture workshops. With the finalization of the project, free visits and programs for the elderly will be implemented in the Museum’s offer on a regular basis.

We start with a workshop at the Bežanijska kosa Home for the Elderly, which will be followed by other visits to Homes held by the Gerontological Center in Belgrade.

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