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Practicum for Students

Practicum 2017

The “Practicum 2017“ programme of practical work was intended primarily for the final years students of any Departement of Faculty of Philosophy. The students guided visitors through the Permanent Display on three occasions: as part of the presentation of “Practicum” 2017, during the Afro Festival 2017, the Days of European Heritage 2017 and trough the “Sunday at the MAA” programme.

The fifth generation of the “Practicum“ programme were: Aleksandra Knežević, Dragana Ćurčin, Dušan Tošić, Katarina Milovanović, Maja Banović, Marijana Štrubel, Nastasija Radovanović, Sara Nikolić, Slađana Biljić and Sofija Dakić.

Students who paticipated in the “Practicum 2017” programme were also participants in the “Public Speaking” workshop conducted by Slobodan Roksandić, actor and MA communicologist from Main Point Institute.

The programme is organized thanks to the support of the Secretariat for Sport and Youth of the City of Belgrade.




    • “Humanity without limit – understanding of morality of African peoples”
      Aleksandra Knežević, Undergraduate student of Philosophy

    • “The Meaning of the Ancestral Cult among the peoples of West Africa”
      Dragana Ćurčin, Undergraduate student of Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “Myths and Legends of West African Peoples”
      Dušan Tošić, Undergraduate student of History

    • “Play and/or Real Life: Growing up among the people of West Africa”
      Katarina Milovanović, Undergraduate student of Pedagogy

    • “From Life to Death – the Rituals of West African Communities”
      Maja Banović, Undergraduate student of History

    • “The Influence of West-African Art on European Modern Art”
      Marijana Štrubel, Undergraduate student of Art History

    • “Zoomorphic Motifs and Symbolism in West African Art”
      Nastasija Radovanović, Undergraduate student of Archaeology

    • “(Post)Yugoslav Life of the Museum of African Art”
      Sara Nikolić, MA student of Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “The Mysterious Power of the African Mask”
      Slađana Biljić, Undergraduate student of Archaeology

    • “Symbols of power in Western African communities”
      Sofija Dakić, Undergraduate student of Sociology