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Wednesday, July 2. 2014, 18h, the Museum of African Art, Andre Nikolića 14

We would like to invite you to

Open Research Hour,

part of the Contexts and Representations programme.

Open Research Hour is conceptualised as a one-hour excerpt from the research conducted in and about the Museum of African Art in Belgrade, by Anders Kreuger from the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp. By offering insight into the course of research, this unscripted talk highlights elements of museum work which are otherwise inaccessible to the wider public.



Open Research Hour is an innovative form of museum representation that promotes museum self-reflection. The one-hour unscripted talk and/or documents overview with curator Anders Kreuger from the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp who currently in Belgrade conducting research about the Museum of African Art, will act as an excerpt of the ongoing research otherwise taking place within the Museum workplace. In the course of one hour the research-talks will be situated in the Museum space which is open to public (the permanent display, museum garden, etc.), making the research – at least one of its segments – entirely transparent and accessible to everyone who would have interest to listen to, watch or interact with the collocutors: Anders Kreuger, Ana Sladojević, freelance curator and Emilia Epštajn, Museum of African Art curator.

Open Research Hour will be conducted in English, as part of the Programme “Contexts and Representations” conceptualised by Ana Sladojević. Programme coordinator at the Museum of African Art is Emilia Epštajn



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