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Past Exhibitions

Mancala, Game Of Thought

December 27th. 2012. – October 6th. 2013.

Exhibition and catalogue by:

Ivana Vojt, Art Historian

Exhibition catalogue

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About the exhibition

Mancala is a board game of a cognitive nature, based on logics and mathematical combinatorics. Different variations of the game are played on four continents: Africa, Asia, South and North America. The multimedia and interactive exhibition Mancala, Game of Thought, by MAA curator Ivana Vojt, is conceptualized so as to inform the public about the global character of this board game and at the same time offer the possibility of entering the world of mancala through the act of playing.

It takes two to play the game! Welcome!

exhibition award

The National Committee of ICOM (International Council of Museums) as international organization of museums and museum professionals founded within UNESCO awards each year in the fields of extraordinary contributions and affirmation of museum activities. The award is given in five equal categories: curator of the year, project of the year, publication of the year, museum of the year and finally the life achievement award.

The "MANCALA, GAME OF THOUGHT” exhibition by Ivana Vojt has received the honorary Project of the Year Award.

The argument for the award states that:

Based on the analysis of collected data and the museological treatment of objects, the exhibition “MANCALA, GAME OF THOUGHT” opened at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade is accompanied with eponymous catalogue. The major part of the exhibition is the so-called game-field area where one can play the mancala board game itself as well as a computer with accompanying online mancala game program. Thus, a high level of communication has been achieved between the audience and exhibited pieces since, besides watching the showcased items, visitors can, via tangible items, personally experience the exhibition. The exhibition attracted large local media attention, the attention of the local public, the diplomatic core and experts in various fields both local and foreign. The trailer posted on YouTube contributed to that fact, thus setting a completely new standard for promoting a museum exhibition. Through the realization of this multidisciplinary and comprehensive project, an excellent international cooperation was established linking the MAA’s with private collections, while at the same time the implementation of different media in the spirit of contemporary approaches to museum exhibiting was well thoroughly conceptualized. However, maybe the most important thing is that it brings to the forefront the field of museology as part of the community’s social life.

The prize was awarded at the Official Council of Serbia - ICOM ceremony which took place on April 26, 2013 at the Gallery of Frescoes in Belgrade. The award for the Project of the Year was delivered to exhibition author and curator Ivana Vojt, yesterday April 30, 2013, at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade. President of the Awards Commission OljaVasić presented the award.


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