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Past Exhibitions


Reflect #2 – Fragments, Fragilities, Memories
Contemporary Art from Angola

13 April - 31 August 2022

Exhibition Curators:

Emilia Epštajn, Ana Knežević, Graça Rodrigues, Sonia Ribeiro

Reproduction: Luis Damijao, series A Chipala Do Wi – Máscaras, O Pode Da Tradição #1, 2019, transfer on paper

Reproduction: Luis Damijao,
series A Chipala Do Wi – Máscaras,
O Pode Da Tradição #1
, 2019,
transfer on paper

About the exhibition:

The exhibition was opened by the guest of honor Alcino dos Prazeres Izata Francisco da Conceição, Ambassador of the Republic of Angola in Belgrade.

The Reflect #2 exhibition is the second edition of the platform for presenting the works of artists of African origin, organized in collaboration with THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE gallery (Luanda/Lisbon).

Following the reflections and reflexes of contemporary artist from Namibia (2020), we are very excited to present the fragments, fragilities and memories of contemporary artists from Angola: Pedro Pires, Luís Damião, Francisco Vidal, Nelo Teixeira, Januário Jano, Alida Rodrigues, Ana Silva, Osvaldo Ferreira, Cristiano Mangovo & Ery Claver.

The artists relate, among other themes, the out of control urban chaos of demolition and dehumanized construction, which its final form produces architectural ghosts with empty floors, while most people don’t even have a roof over their head.

In these same landscapes of heat, concrete, fuel and cinder there are countless people passing by whose figures disappear under the weight of consumerist hyper materialism. There is no protection either in (cultural) institutions whose systemic mistakes (glitches) are only able to produce a delayed search for a response to burning topics of representation and owning "the other".

In all of this, the artists’ vistas periodically turn inward. These introvert looks, in self-reverie, are reflections on family, traditional women's spaces (and materials), motherhood or even traditional expectations solicited by marriage.




Accompanying programmes

Thursday, 14 April, 17:00, The Museum of African Art

The Voice of the Artist: exhibition guided tours by Cristiano Mangovo & Osvaldo Ferreira

Reflect 2Artists Cristiano Mangovo and Osvaldo Ferreira, will talk about their works Return 1 and Negócio Fechado (Done Deal) displayed as part of the Reflect #2 – Fragments, Fragilities, Memories exhibition.

Born in 1982, Cristiano Mangovo’s works express surrealist undertones. The artist emphasizes distorted figures with double mouths as a symbol of freedom of speech. Osvaldo Ferreira was born in 1980 and with his paintings he explores everyday life in Angola, testifying to intergenerational (dis)continuities.

Both artists are guests of the Museum of African Art for the opening of the exhibition Reflect # 2 – Fragments, Fragilities, Memories, and on this occasion we have a unique opportunity to meet them live in Belgrade.

*The tours will be in Portuguese with simultaneous translation into Serbian.

**Entrance: Free



Thursday, 14 April, 19:00, Radioaparat (

Ngoi Salucombo, guest of the Žеnеrgiјa talk-show on Rаdiоаpаrаt

Ngoi SalucomboNgoi Salucombo, photographer, producer and executive director of the Angolan delegation of THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE is guest of the Museum of African Art.

He will be talking with Milana Vojnović (Radioaparat) about important, current and some forgotten topics from the field of art and culture in Angola and the wider global scene.

*The talk will be held in English.







Friday, 15 April, 17:00, The Museum of African Art

Round Table: Angolan Art Today within the Frameworks of the Gallery System

Reflect 2At the round table is dedicated to the position of contemporary art in Angola within the gallery system. We will discuss the ways in which works of art and artists' names are included, excluded or maintained in a complex, international network of galleries.

The issues of markets, fairs, recognition, success and "breaking through" of different artist in such a system are compared with the museum discourse and the specific attitude that museums have towards contemporary art. Through examples and different experiences, the talk will problematise the place of contemporary art within the art world and museum images of the world (imago mundi).

Participants: Sónia Ribeiro, Graça Rodrigues and Ngoi Salucombo (THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE gallery), Emilia Epštajn and Ana Knežević (The Museum of African Art)

*The talk is in English.

**Entrance: Free



Sunday, 17 April, 11:00, The Museum of African Art

Guided tour through the exhibition Reflect #2 – Fragments, Fragilities, Memories

with exhibition curators Emilia Epštajn and Ana Knežević

Reflect 2

Photo: Ngoi Salucombo

Learn more about contemporary art in Angola, the diverse stylistic tendencies of the exhibited works, as well as the socio-political context in which the artists created them.

Also at 11:00 – workshop for kids based on the current exhibition Reflect #2 – Fragments, Fragilities, Memories

*Booking mandatory: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

**Entrance: 200 RSD




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