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Past Exhibitions

Ethiopian Art From The Nina Seferović Collection

The Seferović Family Donation

October 26th. 2012. – December 23rd. 2012.

Exhibition catalogue

Ethiopian Art From The Nina Seferović Collection

Exhibition objects

The exhibition is financed entirely by its founder The Assembly of the City of Belgrade:

Grb Beograda

Friends of the Museum

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About the exhibition

The collection bequeathed by the Seferović family captures the richness and diversity of Ethiopian creativity.

The exhibition displays heterogeneous material including contemporary paintings on parchment and wood that convey Christian motifs and scenes from everyday life, as well as applied art objects such as Christian processional and hand crosses in metal, also necklaces, bracelets and metal bands. Other objects incorporated into the exhibition are textiles, oil lamps, jugs, vessels, oil-burners, as well as Beta Israel souvenir ceramics. The Ethiopian Art from the Nina Seferović Collection: the Seferović Family Donation exhibition serves as a reminder of the ancient character of Africa’s civilisation and the richness of Ethiopian art production.

Abot the benefactors

The gesture of Ambassador Nusret Seferović and his family: wife Emilija, daughter Nada and grandson David, who bequeathed this collection to the Museum of African Art in Belgrade, is in memory of the research and collecting work of anthropologist Nina Seferović (1947-1991). Through such an act the Seferović family has opened new fields of research and at the same indebted in a unique way the City of Belgrade and future generations.


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Event calendar

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